Mind and body technique classes in toronto

Technique is the backbone of all of your learning. It speeds up your progress because it allows you to integrate and organize your knowledge, as well as iron out bad habits. Power tango and Mind&Body tango give amazing results.

Our technique classes are open to students of all levels as most of the exercises and techniques are performed without a partner. these course are unique to our school and were developed by leeliana after an accident left her unable to move her body.

These are the classes that teach you how to look beautiful! In fact one of our students was complimented on her exceptional dancing by being told that it must have been so easy for her to learn as she was a “natural dancer“. Well she was quite upset about this - she was not a “natural dancer“ and had in fact worked very hard on her technique to look so good!


Mind&Body tango:

............MInd and body technique for argentine tango in toronto

A cutting edge tango course. This course is a must. Based on research in proper body movement. Recommended for advanced students. You need to bring comfortable clothes & a mat. This course is slow and mindful. Students will learn how to improve their posture, coordination, core strength , postural integration, and movement sequencing. Fundamental for the quality of your dancing.

Mind&body classes are held on sunday 5:15.


Power tango:

.............POWER tango class in toronto

An innovative & effective toolkit for your tango. You need to bring comfortable clothes & shoes. The course is fast and high energy. Students learn tango technique, how to move their bodies properly & bypass bad habits. The course is made up of drills.