Beginner 1 Argentine Tango classes in toronto

The school is a lovely place!
We know we already said this, but it bears repeating. Tango is so much more than just steps -it is a feeling and a connection to your partner. This means that to learn authentic Argentine tango you must be in a safe comforting environment that mimics the golden years of tango in Argentina.

Our most popular package is the $170 option, when you come 3 times a week for 8 weeks. Students love the discount – you pay for 1.4 courses but you get 3! You can also attend our free practica, meet people, and will finish the Beginner 1 course with a good feeling for tango.

The school's study program is unique in many ways - we teach in Toronto as well as in Buenos Aires; on an amateur & professional level (the latter in Buenos Aires). Our professionalism & knowledge give excellent results. We provide our students with solid foundations that allow them to keep building and building without having to backtrack.

How we teach. We put care and attention into all of our classes and all of our students. It is our goal to make you the best dancer you can possibly be. We achieve this with progressive courses and a clear structure so that what you learn makes sense to you.

The embrace. Tango is danced in a very soft close embrace, that is very techniquely and emotionally demanding. In ALL of our classes we insist on respect for your partner and all of the work in our Beginner series of classes done in a practice embrace (holding each others arms).

What is tango like? Tango is an improvised dance. This means that you need to have a solid base and understanding of the structure. We do not believe in making you memorize steps. We teach you tango like we would teach you a foreign language, so you can “speak” it and express your thought and feelings.

All our courses are progressive and they will teach you the fundamentals of Argentine tango. This means you learn what you absolutely have to know. We respect your time and fill it only with essential exercises and steps to practice. The study program has been tried and tested over the past 15 years and only the practices that give excellent and authentic results have been kept.

Technique classes are offered on fridays at 6&6:45 (POWER tango) and sundays at 5:15 (Mind&Body). These classes are advanced level classes, but but as a beginner you are allowed to attend as most of the work is done without a partner.

For fast learning take all technique classes (Fri 7&7:45pm and Sun 5:15pm) and consider regular private lessons.

Current options. At this level you are able to take part in all of our Beginner 1 classes:

Schedule for Toronto tango classes

For more information please click the menu bar at the top of the page entitled “Practical Information”. The price per course is $120, but with us, the more classes you take the less expensive they become!

What if you miss a class? This is another example how the school offers you excellent value. We offer you the courtesy of two make up classes per course (Make up classes must be at the same level as the class missed. ie. Beginner 1 must be made up in beginner 1 classes and so on). All make ups must be done in the current session.

When you want to get even better. Private lessons give students the opportunity to work closely with an instructor – they are extremely useful & highly recommended.



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