Practical information on tango classes in toronto

The most important thing to know is that you are welcome in our school. we will be happy to have you.

Shoes, accessories & attire
Wear comfortable shoes & clothes.

You don’t need one. You can come with a partner or come on your own. Tango is a social dance, so in all of our classes we will rotate partners and you will have the opportunity to dance with many of the other students. This is good not only for improving your technique, but also for preparing you if you want to go out and dance tango socially.

Schedule............Tango schedule for our classes in toronto

Where to go
On Monday you come to the 74 Wellesley W location (2) in downtown Toronto, and on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday you come to 427 Bloor St. west, location (1), also in Toronto.

Toronto Locations for tango classes

How to register
Courses start once every month, except December. To register you need to make a full payment and we recommend that you register in advance of the starting date of a new session. This helps us keep the gender ratio and class numbers optimal.

Methods of payment
In person we accept cash or check.
On our web site we accept credit cards.

Costs for a course
One 8 week course is $120, it includes a practica once a week. Special offers are available and they really are special! For complete price chart, please see below.

Try out a class
You can to do a drop in class any time to see if you'd like to take up tango. The dropin cost is $20 and will be put towards the course package when you sign up.

How do i know which class to take?
The best place to start is a beginner 1 course, you can choose any day Mon, Th, Fri or Sun.

Missing a class
This is another example how the school offers you excellent value. We offer you the courtesy of two make up classes per course (Make up classes must be at the same level as the class missed. ie. Beginner 1 must be made up in beginner 1 classes and so on). All make ups must be done in the current session.

School activities
Our students are very active, we have a performance group & a practica.

Age range
The average age is 20-45, but we have had students from 15-75!

Gift certificates
We offer 3 gift certificates, $20 for one class, $50 for one week, and $120 a course.

Corporate events
We offer instruction and performances for special events and corporate functions.

Private lessons
private lessons are especially catered to you and your needs, they are offered to individuals or couples.


Pricelist for tango lessons in toronto

At Tango by Leeliana you register for a course on a specific day. You can choose between Mon, Th, Fri, or Sun.

As a beginner 1 you can attend between 1 and 6 courses during one session. A session is 8 weeks long.

To figure out the price, look at how many courses you'd like to take. For example, if you are coming to class 3 times a week & taking 3 courses, you would search for 3 courses in the chart and you would get the price - $170.

You would repeat the same procedure for 1 course, 6 courses, etc...
You can come to 2 courses on Fri and Sun.

Please note that each course focuses on a different topic and give you an excellent introduction to tango.

As a beginner 1 you can take up to 6 courses

As a beginner 2 you can take up to 10 courses

As an intermediate you can take up to 13 courses

As a Tango Club member you can take up to 16 courses

The practica on Mondays is free for all students.