Argentine tango technique

Our method is the result of 25 years of studies of Argentinian tango on the one hand, and 13 years of study of the mechanics of the human body.  It is not unique, it draws from many traditions, textbooks, and teachers.  We have kept it real, cutting edge and healthy.  We have based it on the practice of continuous improvement and updating, of pruning the practices that do not give results and offering these that do. 

Our method starts with an assertion that our students need not first learn bad habits & then correct them.  It is based on a convergence between what we teach and how we move; we apply the principles of healthy movement to all 3 of our programs; tango, core fitness; and the mind and body discipline.

Why have a method? It is quite difficult to always get the same results.   Sometimes things work well and then -they cease to work -and then as a fluke they work again.  We combine 2 ways of learning; immersion and systematizing knowledge. 

There are two things which are important to us: to make our knowledge work for us every time; and to share that knowledge with others. The first means that we need to be keenly aware of the abilities and limits of the human body as a mechanical and kinetic unit. We need to be able to understand it and use it properly.  

The second is the attitude that the more people connect with their bodies, the better.  Both these things converge in one simple fact; knowledge can be accessible and easy to absorb, provided it is organized well.  

A method assures that everyone not just the chosen few get benefit from it.  Our method is time tested, challenged & continuously improved upon.  We break the knowledge down to the smallest modules so everyone can improve exactly where they need it most. 

The Leeliana method teaches you the know how of grounded and centered movement.  This means a mind-body connection.  We address the mind through creativity & the development of a dance form, Argentinean tango.  We address the body through the study of core movements, mindfulness, and release stress patterns and occupational injuries.  We focus on the practical body mechanic and how to make the best of your performance through learning to go with it, and not against it.

Tango is symbolic of the union of two people and for that to be possible, one must first connect with oneself.  Given that knowledge is never sown in isolation, the Argentinean tango seems like the perfect medium of expression.  The characteristics of tango are; groundedness & anatomical correctness.  It is fundamentally healthy for the body, and it is also healthy for developing the mind, sensitivity, and self-expression. 

It also teaches the practical design of the body, and how to go with the body’s design, as opposed to going against it through pain & stress.  The best way to learn any sport, dance, or activity is to have a functional and sensorial way of determining what is an anatomically correct movement and what is not.  Much of our learning comes without the built in checks and balances that prevent injury and get us to our optimal performance potential.  This method’s core message is to get to the very essence of our capacities and to provide tools with which to reach them. 

The most fundamental way of reaching one’s goals is knowledge.  And the most compelling form of knowledge is one that connects our mind and body and emotions and also the one that can have a practical and lasting effect on your life.  

We provide you with training in mind and body, posture, breathing, health, and creativity.  We bring together the approach and knowledge from an Eastern emphasis on the mind and body connection, and the emotional impact of Argentinean tango and Western science of the body. 

Our method is taught in clear, simple, organized and progressive building blocks.  It benefits professional athletes and health professionals as well as lay people. 

Ours is a constantly evolving, cutting edge method which makes the experience valuable for everyone who is interested in learning and has not shut down their desire to improve their lives. 

Come learn our method. Your dancing will never be the same!!!




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