Encouragement for tango classes in toronto

…I don’t know how to dance? Or what if I have two left feet and no sense of rhythm?
You’ll learn.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve never danced before or if you think that you are uncoordinated. If you can walk, you can learn to tango. We will teach you how to move your body in a way that is natural and good for you. You will learn coordination and balance and you will learn to listen to and dance to different styles of tango music.

…I don’t know anything about tango music?
See above.
You don’t need to know anything about tango to join our classes and will be introduced to different styles of tango music in the beginner session. If you do want to learn more before joining, however, you can find out more and listen to some examples of different styles of tango here.

…I already know how to dance tango?
You’re probably not as good as you think.
We offer classes for people at all levels of experience. No matter how well you dance, you can always work on perfecting your technique. Please contact us to talk about which classes you should be taking.

…I don’t have a partner?
You don’t need one.
No problem! You can come with a partner or come on your own. Tango is a social dance, so in all of our classes we will rotate partners and you will have the opportunity to dance with many of the other students. This is good not only for improving your technique, but also for preparing you if you want to go out and dance tango socially.

…I’m uncomfortable getting close to people I don’t know?
Get over it.
Don’t worry, we want everyone to be comfortable and insist on a respectful environment in all of our classes. In our beginner classes, we start by learning in an open embrace. When you have been with us for a while and when you feel comfortable, you may start to learn how to dance well in a close embrace, but only if you want and only as close as you wish.

…I’m shy?
See above.
Our students are generally lovely people, and we have a great community that will do its best to make you feel welcome. Moreover, having something to focus on—like learning to tango—can take the stress out of meeting new people. Chances are you will get to know the other students in class before you even realize it.

…I want to meet people?
You will.
Taking a class can be a great way to meet new people, since you will have at least one common interest. Of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll make new friends but in general our students are great people, and the atmosphere in our classes is welcoming and fun.

…I want to meet a good looking woman or man?
Good luck with that.
Many people come to our classes because they are interested in dancing so we cannot guarantee that we are the greatest place to find a date. That being said, you will undoubtedly meet many lovely and beautiful people in our classes!

…I want somewhere to dance that is LGBTQ friendly?
We’re open to pretty much anything.
Everyone is welcome in our school, and we’re not very particular about gender roles. You can choose which position you prefer to dance in and whether you want to “lead” or “follow.” In tango, however, the relationship between two dancers is a partnership and so in all of our classes both partners will have the opportunity to lead and to follow, learning to accompany each other.

…I want to bring a friend?
Please do! We have drop-in rates available, so if you have a visitor from out of town or want to introduce a friend to tango they will be more than welcome to join us.

…I want to learn tango but my significant other doesn’t?
Ditch them.
Apart from that they will be missing out on a lovely experience, this shouldn’t be a problem. Most of the people in our classes come because they want to learn to dance, just like people would join a fitness class because they want to get fit, so you can assure your significant other that you joining us isn’t a threat to your relationship. Of course, you have to decide what you are comfortable with, but chances are you are together for other reasons and already have many things in common; you don’t need to share all of your interests.

…I just want to have fun?
You will.
We do put an emphasis on learning in our classes, and assume that you are here because you do want to learn tango. That being said, we also want you to have fun, combining hard work with a light-hearted and relaxed atmosphere in the classes. This way you get to have fun and improve your dancing at the same time, so in the end you can also have a feeling of having accomplished something!

…I want to impress my friends?
Go for it.
Learning something new, and especially something as beautiful as tango, always has the potential to be impressive. Of course, like anything, the more effort you put in, the quicker and more impressive will be your progress. If you do want to show off your newly learned skills, you are more than welcome to invite friends to our Monday night practica (non-dancers don’t have to pay anything). We also periodically organize performances, so if you are interested, just let us know!

…I want to be able to dance in six weeks?
Get real.
We want you to have realistic expectations. In the beginners’ session, you will learn a number of foundational steps and all of the basics of how to move well. By the end of a session you will certainly be able to know how to dance tango, and of course, the more classes you take and the more you practice, the quicker you will learn. However, tango is not just about memorizing steps, and if you want to dance tango well, it will probably take longer than six weeks. Taking both of these things into account we have designed our packages so that you can take advantage of special rates for those who want to take more than one class per session, and for those who have a membership and make a long-term commitment to the school.

…I want to dance like Antonio Banderas/Jennifer Lopez?
We’re a dance school.
The tango that you have most likely encountered in films is one of the most far-flung variations of the genre that exists. It is often derived from ballroom tango, which is already a derivative of more traditional tango styles, and is intended primarily to thrill and impress the audience. In our classes we focus on a much more traditional style of dancing, one that is intended to both look AND feel beautiful, preserving the spirit of tango as it was originally danced. The focus is on the dancers, on the connection between them, and on the dance that they create. Although it doesn’t play into the stereotypes of violent passion and sexuality that have come to be associated with tango, it certainly can be danced with a passionate sensuality more profound than any which can be found when dancers are only performing.

…I don’t have dancing shoes?
Get some.
You don’t need any special shoes or clothing to learn to dance tango, and we certainly don’t have any sort of a dress code. All that’s important is that you are comfortable. If you decide to continue dancing tango, you may find that soft-bottomed shoes do make some steps easier, but you needn’t rush off immediately and buy expensive dancing shoes. In fact, when you are learning you will probably find it easiest just to wear shoes you are already comfortable in, and for women, to wear flat shoes. Although tango is stereotypically associated with the highest of high heels, it is important to learn how to move properly in a way that is good for your body so that if and when you do wear heels you can still feel and look grounded and beautiful. For our Power Tango and Mind and Body classes, be prepared for a workout and dress accordingly.

…I’m not sure that I want to commit to a full 8-week session?
You will.
You’re more than welcome to try out one or even two classes before deciding you want to commit for an entire session. If you do decide to join us, the drop-in fee that you’ve already paid will be counted towards the overall price of your course.

…I have to miss a class?
It happens.
We understand that sometimes life can get in the way of your coming to class. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to take two make up classes per session. Just let us know if you can so that we can be prepared for the right number of students in each class.

…I want to take private lessons?
Probably a good idea.
There is nothing that can top the one-on-one learning experience of private instruction which can truly offer a powerful quantum leap in your dancing.

…I want more information?
Email us.
If you have any other questions, please send us an email!

…I want to know what dancing tango feels like?
Join our school.
Come and join us!!